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  • Blessings for the Soul
    Blessings for the Soul

    This small engaging book is immediately accessible because of its photographic depiction of the cross-cultural search for truth. The poetry is infused with gorgeous, high-quality photographs of people and places across the globe, capturing the essence of humanity, miracles, compassion, and meditative solitude.

    "There is a need, a great need, in this world of ours today. It is only when we as individuals begin to listen to ourselves and our hearts that the goodness we all long and hope for can be found.”


  • The Burden of Self
    The Burden of Self

    An encompassing read that carries the reader to the conscious pinnacle point of what lies beyond the ego when we can allow ourselves the space and freedom to listen quietly from within and receptively receive the higher manifestation that awaits one and all.  Will your heart be open and receptive to seeking the wisdom the soul provides and instinctually guides you with day and night?  If you had only this moment what would you do with it? "Is your life lived with forethought and consideration? Or do you go into the light of day without truly seeing and knowing the most intimate points of reality as you go by? Do you see with your eyes or your heart?”


  • Incantations from the Soul
    Incantations from the Soul

    An incantation, by definition, means the chanting or uttering of a word, or words, purporting to have magical powers. Incantations call forth from the soul the undefined meaning that comes out of our longing to rest in God’s presence; and feel the safety of self-reassurance that can only come from from the Self within each of one of us.

    God’s light is always directing our souls to prosperity and clarity, to the larger manifestation that is awaiting each of us through the incantations from the Soul.


  • Measures of Hope
    Measures of Hope

    My Journey with Breast Cancer: Stands as a testament to my courage and to the bravery of other woman confronting both the disease and the self.  The most authentic places within a person lie between the heart and soul.

    "No journey in life is walked alone.  Cancer may have the ability to alter, and steal what is most precious physically. The one crucial thing cancer can never touch or destroy is the will and power of the human spirit.”