This is one woman’s journey into the world of breast cancer and survival. As the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise, survival for many, both physical and psychological, becomes foremost.   As doctors we are trained to diagnose cancer and deliver the news to patients as best we know how.  For most that descend into this world of decision making and all its complexity, it is a daunting task.  Facing these challenges is something totally unexpected.  I have seen patients swallowed up by the complexities, so overwhelmed that they retreat into denial.  However many will face the challenge with a renewed sense of self and introspection.

Finding one’s inner voice and spirit when confronting one’s mortality is the other dimension of cancer that many never hear about.  Here is one woman’s inner voice for all to hear.  As the author states, “The gift is learning from it.”

Eleanor D. Hynote, M.D. Director of Phoenix WellCare Napa, CA

Measures of Hope, My Journey with Breast Cancer is not only a guide for women facing breast cancer it is also one woman’s spiritual journey.

Arlene Bernstein Author of Growing Season: A Healing Journey into the Heart of Nature.

Jan Bianchi's personal journey carries deep and important messages for us all. Lucky for us, Jan has the twin gifts of insight and language, and her poems teach us everything we need to learn -- if only we open our ears and listen to the wisdom from her highest self.

Paul Chutkow Author of Depardieu: A Biography, Perrier: And now the book, and Visa: The Power of an Idea.